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January 28, 2021

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JANOME RED TAG SALE - M7's back in stock...well we have only ONE LEFT for immediate sale!

We have a shipment of M7s coming into the shop today and they are ALL spoken for except for ONE!  So if you have had your heart set on Janome's Top of the Line sewing/quilting machine, then call the shop to reserve it for yourself!  Your hubby might be really happy that he doesn't have to think of something for your for Valentine's Day!  hmmmmm. 

As you know, the M7 is our favorite shop machine and it's what I (and several staff) use at home!  Janome is bundling the M7 machine with a sturdy M7 table with drawers, which is a terrific addition!   Even though they are bundling this machine with a table,  our price is even more agressive.  So for a limited time  you can save a chunk of coin! 

Come let us show you the machine!  You will love it too!


greater houston shop hop logo.jpgGREATER HOUSTON SHOP HOP!

There was a meeting of the participating shops in the Greater Houston Shop Hop on Monday and the group decided that, for the safety of all of our customers, staff and friends, we will postpone the shop hop until March 23-26, 2022.  Because we can't be guaranteed that enough participants will have been vaccinated, it's just safer for all involved that we look towards 2022 for our next shop hop.  It is common for the shops to be really crowded during our shop hops and not all of the participating shops are even hosting in-store shopping yet due to the high COVID numbers in their areas. 

So we will look forward to Spring 2022 to resume our popular shop hops!  Please continue to stay tuned to all shop hop news at houstonshophop.com or Greater Houston Shop Hop on Facebook and support your local quilt shops!

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I'm so tired....I've been playing with Eddie and Katey-no so hard...they double-team me.  They wear me out!  

I wish they were a bit more like Joanie.  She is a cuddler and very low key.  

Actually I don't know how much she can see, she really relies on me.  Every night, she is always close to me, touching me somehow.  I'll protect her forever.  When we are in the yard, I keep an eye on her to make sure that she is ok.  She goes potty but doesn't run and play like the rest of us do.  But she likes to sit very lady-like on the patio and watch us all run around like crazy.  She probably thinks we are funny....I guess we are!!!

I'm important for Eddie and Katey-no too.  If I wasn't here, I think they would fuss at each other because they kinda play rough.  I really keep the peace in the house.  I'm pretty impotant.  Who knows what would happen if I wasn't here.  There would be a lot ot "time outs"!  

Licks and kisses, sniffs and tail wiggles, Bailey, Eddie, Emma, Joanie and Katey-no

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