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Tucker University - August 27, Lemoyne Stars
Price: $25.00

Tucker University / Studio 180 Trimming Tools and Techniques
$25 per class plus supplies

Do you aspire to perfect points?  Do you become annoyed when you find that fudging is necessary in order to join blocks together in your quilt?  Do you find joy in the piecing process when everything goes together perfectly?  We all know that no quilt is perfect.  But – the tools from Studio 180 sure do help create exactly sized units and blocks.  From the simple half square triangle with seams perfectly in the corners to flying geese with exactly a quarter inch above the top point to superb Lemoyne stars in a variety of sizes, this series of classes will add confidence to your piecing and improve your final product. 

We will focus on a different ruler or technique each month starting with Tucker Trimmer.  Classes will be held on the first Saturday of the month after Saturday Sampler.  The time allocated for each class will depend on the techniques covered.  Most classes will be 3 hours.  Each class will explain the workings of the ruler, cutting the basics for the units to be sewn, any sewing tips and tricks, and trimming basics for the final unit.  After practicing the month’s lessons, we will also discuss the various blocks that can be made with these units.  As the classes progress, students will learn to “Tuckerize” patterns – converting patterns to be able to use the Studio 180 tools even though the pattern does not include those instructions.  For example, changing a pattern’s flying geese “flippy corners” directions to Wing Clipper (the Studio 180 flying geese tool) directions is one of the topics covered in the Wing Clipper class. 

Participants will not be creating a quilt, just units made with that month’s technique and ruler.  These units can easily be made into blocks, which can then be turned into a sampler quilt, should you so choose.

Our April ruler is the Wing Clipper.  Pam2 will show you how to make flying geese in a multitude of sizes and how to combine them into blocks and quilts.  In addition, you will find that these geese have a perfect quarter inch above the center point, which will help you to create excellent stars, chevrons, and anything else where a goose flies!  We will spend time working on Pickets and Quickets, Deb Tucker’s method for “half” a goose.

If you are interested in Tucker Trimmer but missed that class, please let us know!  We can schedule another class if there is interest.

Professor – Pam Baum

Lemoyne Stars – Sunday, August 27, 12-4


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