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November 12, 2020

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We have only one M7 and one 9450 ready for you to take home today.  They sold out faster than we imagined...which is good but I am scrambling to get more before the holidays.  

The holiday season is upon us and perhaps it is time for you to buy yourself a new machine!  When you purchase one of these machines, we will give you free attendance in one of Pam's Intermediate Quilting classes!  A great value and you will learn LOTS!  Our prices are terrific, just come in for a demo and a test-sew!  

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Notes from the Shop Dogs

Eddie first day home.jpgEDDIE:  Hi Hoomans!  Eddie here to let you know what is going on this week.

All of us dogs got "detailed" recently and now I'm absolutely freezing!  So, Ma has to keep a shirt on me as I shiver and shiver until my hairs grow again.  It's a never-ending-battle!   

The lawn guys came yesterday and they sucked up all of our leaves!  ARGH!  WHAT am I supposed to play with now????   We had such a good time rolling and jumping in them and bringing them into the house!  But no..Ma didn't like bringing out the noisy machine twice a day to suck them up.  Well I don't feel too bad.  There's a fresh small pile of leaves on the ground already for us to play with and I know more is coming.  So for 2 weeks we can play with them.   

But the big news is...  Ma and Pop put up our new Christmas tree this morning!!!!  Yes, we know it is early...way early...r-e-a-l-l-y early.  But as they say in "Auntie Mame", "we need a little Christmas!"  At least we don't decorate it until after Thanksgiving...wow...that's just 2 weeks from now!  I can't wait!  Ma is going to make the Newfoundland dressing which is her family's traditional favorite!  I can't wait to taste it!  This is my first year for Joanie and me to be with a family during Christmas and Thanksgiving.  Bailey, Katey and Emma say it's the bestest time ever!  I can't wait!

Ma is working on the Rock My Christmas event.  There's papers everywhere in her office!!!  Do you know what Rock My Christmas is?  I wasn't here last year, so I'm going to get Bailey to explain it to you.  See ya Folks!

BAILEY:  Thanks Ed!  OK, Rock My Christmas is our "12 Days of Christmas " email event that runs from December 1 - 12.  Each morning on those days, Mom will send out that day's Rock My Christmas special offer to everyone on our email list.  The special offer might be books, quilt kit, notions, classes...all kinds of stuff!  Everything will be discounted and there are lots of fun choices!  But the point is, if there is something that you want, you need to order it that day.  You can buy that item by emailing Mom at rcook@quiltersemporium.com or calling the shop at (281) 491-0016 or going to the shop's webstore at www.quiltersemporium.com.  The offer is only good until the next email is sent out, so you gotta pay attention!  It's a lot of fun and there are some great fun things for the quilter in your life..and that's usually YOU!  At the end of the event, all of your items will be put in a gift bag and will be waiting for you to pick up at the shop!  Your gift to yourself!  

So that's all for this week Hoomans!  

Until next week, Bailey, Eddie, Emma, Katey and Joanie  (Everyone sends their licks and kisses!) 

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