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January 16, 2020

A Peek at the Week
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The 8 Houston area quilt shops are banding together again to offer you a fun filled shop hop event!

Our theme this year is
"Quilting Day and Night", 
'cause that's what we do, isn't it???

Our quilt is exclusive to the Shop Hop  and was custom designed by 
Doug Leko, owner of Antler Designs.

Take a few moments to pencil the dates on your calendar
March 18-21, 2020!  

Gather your posse and visit all 8 shops!  We'd love to see ya!

Great prizes, gorgeous quilt, beautiful
shops...what more can you ask for?

Class Listing and Schedule

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Quilter's Emporium 
Quilting Cruise!

March 1-8, 2020
Royal Caribbean
Liberty of the Seas

Angela Huffman, Fons and Porter TV show host
Heidi Pridemore, (Whimsical Workshop)
Jan Mathews, (certified Judy Neimeyer instructor)

Call (713)729-3040 for booking information
Kris Mobley - Cruise Agent


New Blocks of the Month Programs Starting in January!

Call the shop at 281.491.0016 to sign up!


botanica park.jpg
A Wing and A Prayer Design

12 month Block of the Month - Starts February 2020
$10 Sign up fee  and $30 per month.  
Shipping extra.

No setting kit needed
The 14-piece Tonga Batik Botanica Park collection features a garden of greens, blues, blossom pinks and berries plus lavender that deepens into rich purple.  The 107" quilt highlights each color in a traditionally pieced blooming center block surrounded by patchwork paths and curved sculpture garden corners.

House Blend.jpgHOUSE BLEND

Designed by Daniela Stout

6 month Block of the Month - Starts January 2020
$10 Sign up fee  and $33 per month.  
Shipping extra.
No separate setting kit needed - All included

Daniela sure knows how to design a fabulous quilt!  This stunner features "Sumatra" Tonga Batiks by Timeless Treasures.  The light fabrics act as an ideal background to the rich golds, browns and intense blacks.  The setting does all the work!  One large dramatic square is set on point and 12" blocks surround it.  The outer edges of the blocks blend into the border to create a fantastic layout!

rachels_tribute (1).jpg
Designed by Pam Buda

9 month Block of the Month - Starts March 2020
$10 Sign up fee  and $30 per month.  Shipping extra.
No setting kit needed

Quilters will make a Diamond Star block each month, along with 9 patches, HSTs, and Chevron border units in reds, 
greens and beiges.  

While the Diamond Star may look difficult to make, it isn't!   No special tools are needed!  
This block of the month highlights the fictional story of Rachel, who creates this very special quilt in celebration of her parents' 20th anniversary.  Rachel's parents were married in 1835.  Working as a  school teacher during the week, she has secretly been saving money from her afternoon tutoring to buy fabric to make her parents a special anniversary gift.  Rachel has chosen to surprise her parents with a red and green quilt, which her mother loves and is so popular.  




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January One and Done 
In-House Retreat Event!

FULL - Wait list available

Saturday February 8, 2020
10am - 6pm

Start the New Year with a fresh new project
that you can finish in one day! 
(Well, that's the theory!)

The project is offered in 2 colorways:
Moda Grunge multi-colors and the new Urban Gatherings for that contemporary project!

Every attendee will receive a wonderful goodie bag, morning and afternoon snacks, a full lunch and beverages in addition to their full kit.

The kit, in your choice of colorway, will be totally 
pre-cut so all you need to do is sit down and sew!  
This is a quilt-as-you-go project.

$150 for everything!

You get the pre-cut kit for the quilt top (36"x36") batting, backing and binding, goodie bag,
morning snack, full lunch with beverages, afternoon snack teacher led instructions for the project
and lots of hands to help you!

And it is fun to make and deceptively easy--all done on your machine.

Waitlist only  (281) 491-0016


Quilting Angels!

Click here to see this 
weeks news
for our Quil
ting Angels!

jan 2020 one and done project.jpg
Urban Gatherings One and Done.JPG



This is "Mom" taking over Bailey's column this week.  Don't worry, Bailey, Katie and Emma are all perfectly fine.  

I wanted to share with you what happened this week.  Forgive me if this is a little long.   

Monday morning, I was driving home from the shop.  As I was nearing my neighborhood, I was driving on a very busy road and I saw a disoriented little white dog in the middle of the street.  He was covered head to toe with mats and had a "chain" of thorny vine wrapped all around his body.  I pulled my car over and tried to get him off of the road.  Of course he ran from me.  I was able to "guide" him into an adjacent subdivision and I followed him everywhere he went.  I was able to steer him to my neighborhood, he was exhausted.  

I drove home quickly and got some canned dog food, a huge bag of dry kibble, a bowl and bottle of water.  I returned to him and he hungrily ate the food and water that I put before him.  After 4 hours he finally got to the point that he would eat kibble from my hands and lick my fingers.  I left my car in someone's driveway and started to walk towards my house, dropping a few bits of food every 5-10 feet.  He followed me home and into our backyard.  I was so overjoyed that he was finally safe and secure!  While he ate and drank a little more, I sat with him and carefully trimmed off 80% of the mats and got rid of that terrible thorny vine that was puncturing him in several places.  I was crying at that point (I'm crying now just writing this).  Because I didn't have any idea what illnesses he had and to protect our other 3 dogs, I opted to have him sleep on our back patio.  I prepared a warm, comfy little bed for him with many of Joey's old blankets.  Throughout the night, I would go check on him and I could see that he was sleeping right under the back door.  My husband usually wakes up REALLY EARLY ("middle of the night").  When I woke up, I found this new little treasure in our living room sitting next to Pat's chair with his tail timidly wagging.  That's him in the picture.  

As I was getting my coffee, Pat asked me, "What are we going to name this one?"  (He knows me so well!)  I said his name is Griffin.  Pat liked the name and we excitedly talked about welcoming him into our home.  We called the vet at 7 on Tuesday and made plans for our vet to check him over and for their groomer to give him a good bath.  

We dropped Griffin at the vet and awaited a phone call for us to come get him.  While we waited, we bought  him a wonderful little bed, collar and tags with his new name.  The call we got was unexpected.  Dr. Slomer said that Griffin would be a real "project".  He had many, many serious and life threatening things wrong with him.  The most serious being that they noticed that his tongue and gums were almost black.  When they drew blood, his blood was like old motor oil.  He was not getting oxygen.  His heart was dangerously enlarged (cardio myopathy).  He had a tumor on his head, heart murmer, and most of his teeth were badly abcessed.  He was truly suffering.  We could have pulled his teeth and possibly treated some of his illnesses, but there wasn't any effective treatment for his heart and lung issues that were causing his lack of oxygen.  We opted to have him mercifully put down.  

I wonder if I was foolish to try to rescue this little guy.  He is no longer in pain, no more suffering, no more starving, no more loneliness.  He had a few final hours of peace, food, water and some gentle pets and hugs.  His shiny, unused nametag with his new name on it will be reverently preserved in the box that contains his ashes.  They will join the ashes of our other sweet dogs. 

So I wanted to share this story with you because, in my heart, I didn't want this little soul to pass on with no one to know his story.  I believe as long as he remembered by someone, he will live on.  He will always be in my heart now.  Hopefully he will live on with one of you, too.  

He was "Griffin" for less than a day, but now he is a "Cook" forever.  

Godspeed little guy,  Love Mom


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