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Notes from the Shop Dogs!

Bobbin in cruise box.jpg

Hi Humans! 

I'm Bobbin!  I'm the cute pup in the box!!!  Actually I'm over 10 years old but I'm still cute...right?  I'm new to the Quilter's Emporium pack!  I got here the day after Christmas '23 and I have been super busy getting to know everyone--I have so many new friends! 

I was 'dopted through a GREAT small dog rescue called "Camo Rescue" in Magnolia, TX  and ever since my new family got me, I've had a pretty great life!  

I have two brothers, named Eddie and Bailey.  And then there's my sister Katey-No.  We all have our different stories and all were difficult except for Katie.  She was born in rescue so she's had the gifted spoiled rotten.  I was in a too small cage so long that I couldn't walk on my back legs.  As you can see in the picture...I'm much stronger now and I can actually...well, stand in a box!!!  Woohoo!  Eddie is the doggo in the blue sweater, wearing his Zorro mask and Bailey is in the black collar.  He's MUCH fluffier now (read "chonky"). 

You can keep up with all of our stories by going to Facebook and searching for Joey the Shop Dog.  Joey started that Facebook page a long time ago, but since he isn't with us any more, we are all sharing the Shop Dog 'sponsibility!  So check us out and stay tuned for all the news from the Quilter's Emporium Shop Dogs!  There's ALWAYS somethin' going on!  We help out by writing an article for the weekly newsletter so sign up for the newsletter or read it from the link on the shop webpage.  We have lots to tell you each week!  Until next time...Licks and kisses, your pals, Bobbin, Bailey, Eddie and Katey-No

Eddie first day home.jpg
Bailey in car.jpg
Katey running in grass.jpg