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Notes from Bailey, the Top Dog!Bailey in car.jpg

Hi!  For those of you who don't know me, my name is Bailey.  I'm the Top Dog at Quilter's Emporium.  I have an important job!  Sometimes I greet customers, sometimes I hunt for threads on the floor, and sometimes I play with staff and shop guests.  Mostly though, I stay close to Mama and keep her happy--very important!  After all, I'm pretty darn cute and I'm always looking for a photo op! 

I was 'dopted through Petfinder.  I don't remember much about my life before I met Mom and Pop, but I don't think it was very nice.  But my life now ROCKS!  They treat me really well and I love them very much!  I also love my little sister Katey (who is running in the grass), is also a rescue.  

Katey running in grass.jpg
We have a new brother named Eddie that was found right on our street, so he is a rescue too!  Mama had to chase him around the neighborhood all day long, but she finally got him!  I don't know who was more tired!  But he was pretty healthy but very ragged looking.  He was starving and I think was pretty happy to be rescued.  He is now my brother and best friend.  We tell each other everything!  Here he is wearing a t-shirt and I think he really likes it!

Eddie first day home.jpg
Rescues are the way to go!  
Come see us when you can!

Licks and kisses,
Your pals, Bailey
 and Katey, the Trainee

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Last Updated on 2/23/20